Hipcamp is a growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for unique outdoor stays. By connecting people with the land and each other, Hipcamp works to support those who care for the land and get more people out under the stars.

Hipcamp has the backing of world class partners including A16Z, Benchmark, August Capital, and O’Reilly Alphatech Ventures, most recently in a Series C.


Jon Eckstein
Engineering Lead

Mike Kolarik
Product Manager


Promoted increased Hipcamp’s total checkouts by10% and purchases by 9% by better matching guests with hosts in Hipcamp search.

We are always improving! We increased conversions from +7% to +10% in 2021 Q4 with a goal of +15% in 2022.

Hipcamp wanted to increase user booking rate, a proxy of revenue and both guest and host satisfaction, by improving the quality of its marketplace search results.

With a mature engineering team already following best practices in search and discovery optimization, Hipcamp already had optimized its results to an industry-standard search quality score. No more obvious low-hanging fruit remained and additional best-practices work failed to move metrics forward. In addition, Hipcamp had product constraints around distance, boosting, and blending, and required support for its in-house marketplace managers to manipulate listings. They needed a unified and adaptive solution to serve many stakeholders.

That data complexity created a barrier preventing Hipcamp from evolving from a heuristic-and-test approach to a more systematic one of experimentation and continuous optimization. A solution would need to be an order-of-magnitude investment in a combination of user metrics collection, data processing, modeling, and real-time serving.

Structurally, Hipcamp is a complex p2p marketplace with non-fungible, unique, and variable inventory. It serves users internationally across iOS, Android, and web and combines a mix of data services like Segment and in-house solutions to measure user engagement.

Promoted maximized total checkouts (+10%) and purchases (+9%) by applying the state-of-the-art in conversion optimization ads engineering to the problem of marketplace search results. We created a unified organic and promotion system for Hipcamp in three steps:

1Collect and join metrics

Hipcamp installed the Promoted client and server SDKs to collect more, higher quality metrics like insertions, impressions, and clicks. Then, they merged existing third-party event systems like Segment to add checkouts and purchases. Promoted’s Metrics system automatically joined and aggregated these event streams in real-time for use in optimization and reporting.
2Re-rank search results

Hipcamp sent its search results to Promoted's Delivery system for optimized re-ranking and blending. Promoted and Hipcamp ran A/B user studies to measure progress and total impact.
3Continuous optimization

Metrics and Delivery create a feedback loop to continue to optimize and improve results over time. Through this framework, Promoted can support new allocation rules, product logic, and data. Hipcamp has the flexibility to add new listing types, cross-promotions, and internal promotions to its feed and search at any time, and Promoted's optimization will continue to work automatically.
We're incredibly excited to work with Hipcamp to continue to optimize checkouts and purchases because we know that means more customer satisfaction for guests and more revenue for hosts.

We see even more opportunity in:

  • Optimized SEO landing pages for user engagement to drive acquisition
  • Additional streams of data to improve modeling and personalization
  • A retrieval layer to increase the number of items to optimize
  • Optimizing new host retention in combination with guest booking rate
To empower hosts to improve their own listings, Hipcamp can add Promoted’s Manager product, which is like Facebook’s self-service ads manager, but for organic marketplace listings. This shows each host real-time statistics and test results of what is working and how following Hipcamp best practices translate into business results.

The Promoted Delivery API optimizes listings in search, feed, or paid promotions. Call our Delivery API where you would call a database or a search service like Elastic. We re-rank on every request to deliver the best possible listings, personalized to each user and context in real-time. To get your marketplace optimized faster, use shadow traffic to safely train and test our Delivery systems so you can be confident before live production.

Visit our Server Libraries page to learn more.

Our Client Metrics Libraries integrated with Hipcamp's web and mobile apps to deliver the real-time data that powers Promoted Delivery.

When integrating web or mobile frontends with Promoted, you can use our state-of-the-art client libraries to get up and running quickly and correctly. Take the guesswork out of your analytics. Our libraries are tailored specifically for Promoted Delivery.

Visit our
Client Metrics Libraries page to learn more.
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