For Sellers and Advertisers

We understand how daunting it can be to stand out in the crowd in the world of online marketplaces. That's why we've created a personalized search machine learning system that's here to help you get noticed by potential customers. By analyzing user data and preferences, our system tailors search results to each individual, increasing the chances that buyers purchase more and more frequently where you market your products and listings.

How Promoted Helps Sellers and Advertisers

Promoted’s search and ads optimization increases total sales for your marketplace, meaning more long-term growth for the platforms where you in invest your business.

Increase sales and buyer engagement

Promoted’s Unified Ranking System optimizes to better matching buyers and sellers to increase total marketplace revenue. This generates more sales for most sellers in the short term and more buyers for all sellers in the long term.

Detailed SEO and ads reporting (beta)

For enabled marketplaces, Promoted provides detailed seller reporting on what's working and how to improve in marketplace search, ads, and recommendations feeds.

Promotions and seller tools to grow your business

For enabled marketplaces, Promoted gives you the power and flexibility to pay to increase your prominence and sales with sponsored search and native ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My marketplace uses Promoted. How does this impact me?
If your marketplace has enabled enhanced SEO reporting and ads, then you may have access to new tools and data to better reach and understand your buyers. Otherwise, personalized recommendations and search ranking does not affect you or any seller or advertiser directly.

Q. My sales are up (or down). Did Promoted cause this?
Promoted does not directly affect any particular seller or advertiser. Many factors can cause sales to go up and down, including seasonal patterns and changes in the economy. Promoted coordinates with marketplaces to carefully test the overall impact of any changes using continuous A/B testing to prove that the total impact of any change is highly positive for the total marketplace overall. On average, yes, your sales must be up in comparison to not using Promoted, because otherwise it's impossible to increase the total sales of the marketplace in A/B testing! This can be true even if sales are down (or up) relative to some other period of time due to changes in the economy and seasonal sales patterns.

Q. How do I (the seller) have to change what I do?
Follow the seller guidance provided by your marketplace. Ultimately, Promoted optimizes for what is selling best right now. Higher quality listings that more buyers buy today will tend perform better in listings (but not always!), and the best way to achieve this is to follow the seller quality guidelines provided by your marketplace.

Q. I saw what looked like a bad search result or recommendation. What do I do?
Report what look like poor results to the reporting tool provided by your marketplace for technical investigation. Promoted does not necessarily always return the best results, because "best" is subjective and constantly changing. Some variance in results is expected and required to maximize sales for everyone.  Sometimes, sellers use products in a way that is not consistent with realistic buyer behavior, like regularly scraping ranking results for analytics or continuously clicking on competing products in their market. This atypical behavior can confuse the optimizer. Always follow best practices as communicated by your marketplace. One way to view results as a new user without any use history is to open the current page in a new "incognito" window. Some marketplaces may also support flags and settings to disable personalization for certain accounts on request.

Q. I have more questions. Can I contact you?
. Absolutely! We'd love your feedback. Email us at with your name and a link to your marketplace profile, and we'll try to schedule a call to learn more. Please note that we will never disclose confidential information, and we may need to redirect you to your marketplace's seller support team for some types questions. We won't be able to diagnose any specific seller or advertiser delivery or measurement issue, but we may follow up in coordination with the technical support team at your marketplace the best of our abilities.