1 sprint

Step 1: Send Metrics

Integrate Promoted’s Metrics SDK for iOS, Android, and Web.
Promoted's Client SDKs are optional. You can use your existing evening server-side without installing client libraries.
Promoted Metrics logs user engagement including IAB impressions, page views, clicks and conversions.
Promoted eventing SDKs are battery and network efficient and are standardized cross-platform. Promoted processes navigations and visibility dwell events and convert them to standardized "clicks" and "impressions" for reporting and optimization. Send client metrics to Promoted via your own servers for security. You have full control of all data collected by Promoted. Promoted integrates with other data services like segment. Send this data to Promoted, too.
1 sprint

Step 2: Delivery SDK & Shadow Test

Integrate Promoted’s Delivery SDK on your server to send search results, recommendations, and ads for ranking.
Start a simulated test in a live production environment using the Shadow Tier environment.
Combine search or feed results, promotions, and ads together in your servers and send them to Promoted Delivery as Insertions on a Request.
Enrich insertions with data like:
  • Predictions from your in-house models;
  • Classifiers and category labels;
  • Attributes like price or color.
Enrich insertions with data like:
  • Query text;
  • Search filters;
  • Contextual information like loсation and user preferences.
Promoted will now join client metrics with server metrics to train models to maximize user engagement.
This happens in a safe “shadow tier” for testing in an authentic production environment.
1-2 weeks

Step 3: Launch using A/B Testing

Measure +% revenue and user impact over your existing system.
When you’re ready, enable Promoted to live users using the Delivery SDK.
Compare between Promoted’s results with your baseline system using Promoted’s A/B testing system or your own. When you’re satisfied, enable Promoted to all users.
You are now integrated with Promoted!
You are now ready for extended functionality like: