Performance Ads & Discovery for Marketplaces

Decide who sees what.

Solve two-sided marketplace matching in search and feed. Fairly promote sellers in your marketplace to sustainably maximize profits, use our discovery engine to maximize user experience, or both.
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Know what clicks.

Match your customer expectations and make your marketplace more efficient.
Improve user engagement with organic search & feed personalization.
Increase platform revenue and help sellers sell with paid native promotions.
Works on web, mobile & for video. Easy for your in-house team to build on and extend.

The complete solution.

Promoted is the backend for your backend. We specialize in enterprise scale solutions that can scale with your startup's growth.

Grow your marketplace with confidence.

Maximize platform revenue
Improve user experience
Increase promoter profits

Recommended configurations.

Design a configuration tailored to your needs or kick things off with one of those:

Total Package

Total Package

The complete Attention Marketplace in-a-box solution: Paid + Organic. Focus on your core competencies and product — Promoted will take care of the rest.

Paid-only Package

Paid-only Package

“Native Promotions.” Common for enterprise customers with existing marketplaces who want to launch a new line of business and boost margins and for up-and-coming social media companies launching a Facebook-like self-service performance ads business.

Organic-only Package

Organic-only Package

A popular package with startups who are too early to monetize at scale and need to quickly improve seller retention and user engagement. Our matching engine for search without the ads auction.

Metrics Only

Metrics Only

A great way to get started without yet affecting the user experience. Our high-volume and secure metrics service is perfect for powering real-time content delivery control systems when traditional analytics solutions may be too expensive or pass sensitive information to clients like ad prices or ML features.

Why Promoted?

We use machine learning and auction theory to continuously solve your long-term value. You can be sure your growth is sustainable — it comes from better matching users with content they love at fair profits for you and your sellers.
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See what others are saying

Building an ad delivery backend for large scale internet applications is hard and time consuming. The innovative "ad-delivery-as-a-service" solution provided by helps companies who want to monetize through ad marketplace get the whole backend ready quickly and provide an optimal solution for both user experience and revenue.
Shu Zhang
Ads ML Engineering Manager, Pinterest
Working with has been like adding 2 turbos into our product.  Their support has been awesome and implementation was seamless.
Adam Alpert
CEO, Pangea
Coupang native ads are critical to Coupang’s success, and we have dozens of top engineers working on it. It took us years to get here, and we’re still building. Promoted is a way to get started faster and without first building your own ads engineering team. I wish Promoted existed years ago when we first started Coupang ads.
Yixue Li
Head of Search and Discovery Engineering, Coupang
Generating promotion revenue in marketplace is well-known to be a technically challenging but tremendous opportunity. I am really excited to see tackling this space to build the end-to-end pluggable solution. It could bring a substantial revenue upside for any marketplace.
Xuan Li
Head of Engineering,
Airbnb China

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