Unified Marketplace Optimization

Increase profitability at top marketplaces by +9% or more


Streaming data infra
Unified streaming metrics data infrastructure service for marketplaces. Measure everything in search, feed, promotions, and ads together.

Data Processing

Real-time stream aggregation, joining, and inferred attribution data infrastructure.


Standardized, cross-platform, battery- and network-efficient metrics logging. IAB compliant. Free and open source SDKs for clients and servers.


*coming soon

Self-service, real-time seller and ad reporting and A/B testing.

Maximize builds on Measure. Optimize the metrics collected and processed in Measure in Maximize.


Search & feed optimization
Unified conversion optimization for marketplaces. Increase conversions by +9% or more in unified search, feed, promotions, and ads.

Search & Feed

Personalized, session-reactive optimizations. Search and Feed Ranking with optional Retrieval. Predict, clicks, and conversions, extend in-house systems with multi-stage and model stacking.

Integrity and Introspection

See why listings and ads appear, how quality scores are generated, and directly moderate in your app. For ads, also debug bids, targeting, and quality control. Boost, downrank, or ban items globally or only for specific queries. All moderation and inspection is logged, auditable, and accessible later on Promoted.

Blender & Allocation

Diversity controls, sampling, trimming, and manual rules. 3rd Stage ranker optimizes conversions per search for incremental gains. Powerful, dynamic configuration empowers product teams without interrupting optimization.

Auto ML & Monitoring

Continuously learn using unstructured data about items, users, and queries. Report intelligible feature importance and monitor changes over time. Quickly and automatically learn what data cause ML improvements versus correlations.

Promote builds on Maximize. Use the click, conversion, and user quality controls from Maximize to optimally deliver ads and promotions.


Ads & discount promotions

Native Performance Ads

Self-service performance ads with user quality controls

Optimized Discount Promotions

Offers and discounts optimized to increase incremental sales

Grow your marketplace with confidence

Maximize platform revenue
Improve user experience
Balance long-term growth
Try it yourself by moving the knobs

Promote builds on Maximize. Use the click, conversion, and user quality controls from Maximize to optimally deliver ads and promotions.


Cross-promotion ad network
Cross-promote your listings to other marketplaces and social media to grow or host relevant cross-promotions to increase profits. Connect your Promoted integration with other marketplaces optimized by Promoted.