Build in-house better!

The path to ownership when using open Promoted


Managed Cloud

Deploy Promoted Cloud quickly for testing and immediate business impact.


Bring In-House

Self-host Promoted source code in pieces and on your timeline. Fully customizable and supported.


Contribute to the Community

Contribute code back to the Promoted community to build your engineering brand!


ML Engineers at Outschool advanced the state of the art in LTV modeling by contributing back to open Promoted while increasing Outschool revenue.

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“Promoted was the single most impactful thing we launched in 2022”

Brindi Manolache

Product Manager, Search @ Outschool

The comprehensive second-system for unified search, feed, and ads

Standard, open-source components you trust
Most efficient & performant implementation for scale
Delivery, Metrics, CMS, and Manager (coming soon)


Streaming Data Warehouse

Data Lake with Hudi

Streaming joins with Flink

Real-time aggregation

IAB impression and visibility logging

Eventing on web, iOS, Android

Content Management System (CMS)

“No-SQL” JSON interface

Item catalog CMS

User demographics CMS

Ad bid, budget, & campaign CMS


Unified Search, Feed, & Ads ranking in C++

Quality and Relevance modeling

Model stacking using your existing models

Personalized, Real-time ML

Calibration model

Pacer & Autobidder for ads

Blender and Allocation

Merchandizing controls

Utility Function Optimization

Dynamic Ad load controls

Diversity and exploration

Manager (coming soon)

Search ranking reporting for sellers

Self-service ads manager

Unified organic and ads metrics

Streaming, real-time reports

Automated alerts

Data and Report Downloads