Marketplace Metrics SDK for Mobile

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Don't reinvent the List View!

Log impressions, clicks, likes, conversions for items in a List View.

Free and open source.

<Impression contentId='3a59' insertionId='201b'/>

<Impression contentId='45b9' insertionId='612a'/>

<Action contentId='bb52' insertionId='615c' type='navigate'/>

<Impression contentId='ddf6' insertionId='0112'/>

<Impression contentId='e96c' insertionId='5fff'/>

<Action contentId='3a59' insertionId='a031' type='checkout'/>

<Action contentId='e96c' insertionId='5fff' type='like'/>

<Impression contentId='55d9' insertionId='921a'/>

<Action contentId='5d95' insertionId='921a' type='purchase'/>

<Impression contentId='2199' insertionId='23bb'/>

<Impression contentId='3b21' insertionId='a388'/>

<Impression contentId='63dc' insertionId='000a'/>

<Impression contentId='3a59' insertionId='201b'/>

<Impression contentId='3a59' insertionId='5431'/>

Used at top marketplaces such as:

List View for Marketplaces

Your app is your storefront. List the best and know what works. Use or extend a common, battle-hardened standard and focus your engineering resources on your domain expertise.

Standard Impression Logging

CollectionTracker is a single integration point that generates impressions in a list view with just a few lines of code. Impressions include dwell time and visibility to meet standards like IAB.

AUTOmatic Attributed Actions

With CollectionTracker, attributed actions are logged automatically. Use our standard actions, or add semantic meaning for various UI elements in your list views, such as "Like" or "Share" buttons.

Efficient and Reliable

Our libraries are highly efficient in energy and bandwidth. Remote monitoring and configuration features ensure that tracking is always healthy in production. Our libraries are written by world-class mobile and ads engineers and support the latest standards on iOS, Android, and React Native.


1Integrate the Mobile SDK

Marketplace SDK for Mobile integrates with most major build systems on iOS, Android, and React Native.

Binary size and startup time are both optimized. Our libraries are first-class mobile code, not just analytics code that runs on mobile.
2Track your list views

Identify scrolling lists of results you care about. These can be home screen feeds, lists of partners, recommendations, search results, or anything else that drives your business.

Track impressions and attributed actions with just a few lines of code. Integrate easily with major UI frameworks (UIKit, Android, and React Native; SwiftUI coming soon).
3Release to the App Store

Start receiving impressions and actions from your app. Any volume, completely free.

Billions of events have been sent from popular mobile apps using our technology.

Remote monitoring and configuration options provide added safety around your release.

Versions mismatch with your app? Have a dependency concern?
Email us, we can help:

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