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Optimize Listings at the Source

The Promoted Delivery SDK optimizes unified listings in search and feed for combined ordinary listing, promotions, and ads. Call our Delivery SDK where you would call a database or a search service like Elastic.

We re-rank on every request to deliver the best possible listings, personalized to each user and context in real-time. To get your marketplace optimized faster, use shadow traffic to safely train and test our Delivery systems so you can be confident before live production.

Know What Really Happened

The Promoted server-side Metrics SDK logs requests and insertions from your server. These metrics are joined with client-side Metrics SDK to form a full data picture around listings. Metrics and Delivery systems combine form a real-time optimization loop: Metrics → Delivery → Metrics.

More than product analytics, Promoted Metrics are the data that your product, ML and ads engineering teams need to optimize listings.

Integration Made Simple

We provide first-class interoperability with your codebase. Use idiomatic, language-based libraries for making Delivery and Metrics SDK calls. Advanced features such as latency optimization and paging are available with no additional configuration. Spend your engineering time increasing your business metrics, not in the integration process.

Production Hardened

Logging, error-handling, retrying, and fallbacks. Let Promoted Server SDKs handle these and many other aspects of productionization. Our engineers have decades of experience building systems for millions of users. We’re ready to provide the speed and reliability that your business demands.


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